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What my clients have said on their Pregnancy Massage

Dear Jaye We’ve had a wild and wonderful new beginning so far. I’m still waking up with a heart full of joy!Thanks so much for your caring energy along the way. Ton’s sacrum massage ended up being my main source of relief, so time well spent
Dear Jaye Thank you so much for your pre-natal care. I’m convinced it contributed to me having such a relaxed birth- a wonderful way to welcome our baby boy

Dear Jaye Thank you for helping my mummy to relax during the pregnancy…I hear you have magic fingers!

           Leo (age 3 days)
Dear JayeJust a little note to say a big “Thankyou” for the lovely massage oil you gave me- it has certainly come in handy 

Dear Jaye This card really says how I feel. Thankyou for helping me to have a positive birth experience allowing our little Jasmin Rose to swim into this world Much Appreciation


Dear Jaye Thankyou for your gift of the massage oil, on the occasion of Isaac’s birth. Thankyou also for your wonderful healing and support during the pregnancy and just before Isaac was born.


Dear Jaye Many thanks for the gorgeous wrap. It’s been fantastic being massaged by you this year and I am sure that it helped me have such a smooth birth


Dear Jaye Thanks for your nurturing support with the coming of our 2nd Angel

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