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Integrative Sound/Gong Training/Events 

The 4 day training is open to everyone who is keen to learn in an experiential environment
Gong Mastery Immersion 4-day Training Retreat (inc Gong Puja)
This is a certified course in Principles and Practises of Vibrational Therapy through IICT a certificate of attendance will be provided With bonus training in Crystal, Metal  Bowls and Tuning Forks, yoga and meditation with Ayurvedic   nourishment set in the rolling hills of the Noosa Hinterland at The Big House Retreat Centre In Pinbarren 

What You Will Learn / Teaching Overview

  • The Fundamental Principles of Sound and Healing

  • The Practical Application of Sound Healing with the Gong

  • Sound Awareness & Inner Sound Wisdom:

  • We experience the world as we do because of our physiological architecture.  We interpret the waves and vibrations that constitute ‘reality’ as a world of shapes sounds and colours, only because of the way we are formed.  We are going to go behind what we are accustomed to, and learn how to listen into the subtle sound to develop and open our 3rd ear.

  • Overview of the basic structures of sound as an energy wave.

  • How sound effects our emotions, our mental brain waves, our physical cellular body and our spiritual gateway to the Source.

  • The world as a vibrational reality:  sound is around us (inside and outside), studies of acoustic shadow as well as the awareness of the symphony of life, nature and the universe helping us understand our true human nature when aligned to All That is.

Fundamental Principle of Sound Healing:

     History of Sound Healing through the ages taught by the leaders of the field:
     The Mythology and Science of Sound Healing.

  • Cymatics 

  • Colours and Light,

  • Alchemy & Sound

  • Sound and Intention

Our Sonic Body:

  • Meridian, Chakras, and the energy flow of our etheric and cellular body.

  • Sacred Geometry, Human Proportions and Musical Ratios.

  • Electromagnetic field of the heart-mind.

  • Subtle Bodies

The Structure of a Sound Healing Treatment

  • Grounding / Breathing / Listening (scanning)/ Harmonics. 

  • The Role of Intention in Sound Healing 

  • The Power of Silence in Sound Healing 

  • Using Affirmations in a Sound Healing Treatment

  • Contra-indications 

  • How to Treat People who are in Great Pain 

The 7 basic principles of Sound Healing:

  • Principle of Resonance, Entrainment, Rhythm, Melody, Harmony, Pitch, Timbre

Principles of Sound Healing:

  • The Healing Power of Musical Intervals

  • The natural flow of sound energy

  • Sound tools used in a Sound Healing private session as well as Sound Bath concert/Overnight Puja

  • Substantial amount of time is devoted for hands on practice in all areas

Acoustic instruments used for Sound Healing & Sono Therapy
- Presentation of the different type of tuning forks and their best use
- Everybody will have a hands on opportunity to practice a tuning fork protocol
- Finding the best way to easily integrate the tuning forks into your life and professional practice enhances therapeutic outcome.
- A clinical session based on how to use the tuning forks in a private session
- A clinical session based on how to use the tuning forks in a Sound Bath
   Register for Sunshine Coast here
  Register for Sydney  here

The womb of the Earth  

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. All energy vibrates. Differentiation happens because energy vibrates at difference frequencies. Each frequency has a sound. (Actually every frequency IS a sound.) Everything in the universe has a sound, which vibrates at its particular frequency. The Human Body has many frequencies or cycles including our heartbeat, breath, our brainwaves and our monthly cycles, which are all, affected by our universe.
All Vibrations affect us emotionally, physically and in ways still largely unknown and today we experience these vibrations through sounds, and listening with our feelings
The term Holism can be applied to any musical instrument that vibrates with each and every element of its being to produce fundamental tones and overtones. This type of tone producer is called an Idiophone.
Human beings when in health are Idiophones, the holistic tones of our body, emotions, mind and spirit produces a cooperative effort resulting in a happy and abundant life.
Healing means making whole, Wholeness means a Fully Resonant body, Resonance means returning to sound hence our work with sound and healing

To this we add Intent the energy behind what we do (the focus if you like)
Frequency + Intent = Healing

Although we know more today about sound and vibrations we are still trying to understand how they affect us

Deaf people’ listen’ to music through feeling it’s vibrations.
When sound travels through the air, it sets the air molecule around it vibrating causing some molecules to compress and others to expand, this causes the sound wave. In the human body we not only hear the sound when the compressed air of sound waves sets the eardrums vibrating, we also feel by resonance - this is a state of amplified vibration, that occurs when a medium is struck by an external sound stimulus with the same or similar frequency as the medium. In the human body the Pacinian corpuscles (sensory receptors for deep touch) found around muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons are the same locations as the Mamma points (Nadi Junctions). These points are the body’s subtle energy centres that are linked by a network of subtle channels; they are naturally sensitive to sound.

Yogi Bhajan on The Gong:

"The gong is very simple; it is an intervibratory system, the sound of creation itself. One who plays the Gong plays the Universe. The Gong is not an ordinary thing to play, out of it comes all music, all sounds and all words. The sound of the Gong is the Nucleus of the Word. The Gong is not a musical Instrument, not a drum. It is a beautiful reinforced vibration. It is like a multitude of strings, as if you played with a million strings. The Gong is the only tool with which you can produce this combination of space vibrations."

The Gong is made from Bronze Alloy a mixture of copper and Tin this dates back to over 4,000 BCE and was the first alloy to be made by Human’s.
Traditionally today they are individually hand made and fired by Paiste in Switzerland and they come in various sizes and tuned to various planets or vibrations. 
The Chinese symbols are called Tai Loi which translates both to Happiness has Arrived and The Good has come.
The Gong represents the end of Kali Yug and the return of Maitraya : Maitraya translates both to Loving Kindness and Musical resonance
The Gong produces the OM sound - the great gong tone of life where true healing occurs, the soundless sound of Anahata Shabd 

When the Ancient Rishi’s experienced absolute silence of unbounded pure consciousness they could feel a force within the body, see shapes and hear it’s soundless vibration, when we hear the Gong we become unbounded consciousness as the ancient Rishi’s did on top of mountains  

The Gong reproduces a Holophonic and Morphogenetic (Light and sound) field which is the exact replica of the living Infinite Cosmos, this creates the Merkaba, the light /sound vehicle based on Sacred Geometry and PHI the universal principal that operates and substantiates the building of all form 1.618033989. As layer after layer builds it creates an envelope of sound that has the power to:

·      De- Materialisation- creating the cessation of physicality

·      Levitation- the sensation of cessation of gravity

·      Rejuvenation- ecstatic fullness of life force

·      Inner peace- cessation of time flow

·      Immortality- sense of continuity of consciousness without a body

To Book a session or find out about events and trainings please email me: or call me direct on 0414 898 262.

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