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Qigong for health and vitality

Qigong for health and Vitality

Qigong pronounced ChiGong is part of traditional Chinese Medicine. Chi means energy and Gong means to do the work so when we practice Qigong we are doing our own energy work. It is an excellent tool that is available to everyone young to elders to support and maintain physical and mental health.

Jaye has been practicing and teaching this modality for 20 years. She travelled to China to learn from traditional teachers and teaches a variety of forms of which there are hundreds but mainly

  • Longevity

  • 8 Pieces of Brocade

  • Guigen

  • Six Unity Exercises 

  • Six healing Sounds

  • Each class is available online and face to face for 1.5 hrs and includes

  • Warm up

  • Form

  • Meditation

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Class times
Monday morning 9.30 am

If your interested in a beginners series email me here  we will be covering Meridian theory and self energy healing techniques $60

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